At the Ref Desk (11/7/19): Everyone who watched the morning news has come over to ask if that was me on TV. [more...]
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Remembering the Spectator - Issue no. 105 (6/30/1711)

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 5/9/19 (4:50pm)

Talking to a student last week, I tried to remember the quote (and the source of the quote): "I spell like a gentleman and not like a ..." Finally found it: [LINK].

P.S. Initial Google search (with auto-correct) came up with, "I smell like a gentleman..." Ah, no.

LibraryShelfieDay 2019

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 1/23/19 (7:05pm)

Plowing through the style guides in 'Ready Reference', making sure they're all there. #shelfie #LibraryShelfie #LibraryShelfieDay


From the Series, Why We Need Librarians...

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 1/15/19 (5:40pm)

From the Series, Why We Need Librarians (IM edition) ...

Question: "Got the '3rd Symphony' by Copland? I had a look but couldn't find anything."
Answer: "Try 'third'..."

Thank-You Present

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 10/10/18 (11:16pm)

Thank-you present from student after doing a research consultation. #RefDesk


1st Saturday of 2018

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 1/6/18 (6:39pm)

#RefDesk: 1st Saturday of 2018! Cold outside so IM was chugging away.


First Saturday of the New School Year 2016

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 9/12/16 (10:40pm)

Annual photo with Jim from Access Services.


Depaul University 'Library All-Star' Award

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 6/4/16 (3:25pm)

University Librarian Scott Walker biked over with the "Library All-Star" Award for me on Saturday. Thanks, everyone!

From the Awards page:


Job Description : Part-time Reference Librarian

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 4/16/16 (2:31pm)

Just got a request to describe my activities as a part-time reference librarian. Here's my response:

Basically the part time job is totally reference (i.e. public service) work. Questions run from 'where is the copier/bathroom/color-printer' to 'I'm writing a research paper on advances in chemistry in the 18th Century and need to find some research articles'.

Am I an expert on advances in chemistry in the 18th Century? No, but I know where to get the student started and I can also show the student how to find articles and, equally as important, how to evaluate search results so that they branch out into even better material. I also know, finally, what the limits are and who and when to refer them to other people.

That's pretty much what I do.