At the Ref Desk (11/13/18): Beginning of finals week -- wow, we're crowded! [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

2nd-to-last day of the school year. Ciao, tutti! Ci vediamo!

Happy Finals Week!

Kinda noisy around there (one week till finals).

2 hours, 2 research consultations -- back to back. I think I need a drink.

Looks like it's gonna be 3 weeks straight of 'how do you cite this, how do you cite that?'

Guy sitting nearby with headphones, laughing, giggling -- totally absorbed by some cartoon video he's watching on his cellphone. Um, brave new world?

Hmm, Ibuprofen in the supply cabinet but no Sweet & Low. Question of Values?

Telling an Alum how to print: "I'm only 50% competent this will work." (Actually I meant to say "50% confident"...)

More finals, finals, finals ... (Full house.)

Finals, finals, finals...