At the Ref Desk (8/13/18): Complaints upstairs about someone playing the trumpet in one of the computer labs. Oy. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

At the library, doing Chat Reference.

From the Series 'I'm So Old': I can remember when we used to hand out research guides with a section devoted to LC Subject Headings.

Loads of reference questions today. Things must be getting serious.

Saturday at the Ref Desk. Lots more reference questions now that we're later in the semester. My trusty assistant, Mr Coffee, stands by my side.

Monday evening doing business ref. Please, more coffee!

Good traffic this evening -- otherwise I just would have conked out behind the desk.

Avalanche of flash drives left abandoned by students in the lab computers. Our only hope: microchips implanted in all of us coming with at least 16 gb of disk space.

Yippie, free hotdogs at DePaul! I'm expecting the entire library to clear out at 12noon (including your's truly).

Slow night at the library. Looks like all the students have been abducted by aliens, probably for reasons of nourishment. I hate when that happens.

Doing business ref at the DePaul Loop Campus. Can only think of food -- food, food, everywhere! I'm sorry, if you're not a piece of bacon, a lamb chop or a broiled chicken with stuffing and mash, please don't come up here and disturb me with your silly questions.

Doing business reference at Depaul's Loop Campus -- always a learning experience (for me).