At the Ref Desk (4/25/17): Someone calls but when I pick up the phone all I get is background noise -- people talking, etc. Did he or she just sit on their smartphone and dial out accidentally? Interesting jumping off point for a work of fiction... [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

How do you know we're reaching the end of the quarter? Everyone comes to the reference desk asking for a "formatting guide -- or whatever you call it" (citation guide).

Doing reference till 4pm. Only thought: Es gibt kein Bier in der Bibilotek, scheiße.

Doing my Current Cites at the Reference Desk in between patron requests.

Working the reference desk and lovin' it.

Leo Robert Klein is seeing the hams and turkeys swirling around him as he works the reference desk without a sandwich

Working the reference desk at DePaul. Slow night.

Today was my first day doing reference at DePaul University Library. I grabbed a couple of volumes of the DLB and a volume of the NUC (Pre 1956) and I was in Seventh Heaven. It's only a couple hours a week but I love it!