At the Ref Desk (8/28/18): Bingo! Got my first 'Do-U-Have-My-Textbook???' question -- and the school year doesn't even begin till next week! [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

So I say to the guy talking on his cellphone in the library, 'you really shouldn't be talking on your cellphone in the library'. He looks at me and says, 'but it's my mom'. Huh???

Jeudi Soir. Please Mr. Coffee, wake me up.

First Day of Reference on Saturday for 2011.

Yippie, my first legitimate reference question of the year!

Opps, I thought I had the day off till I remembered I was scheduled for evening reference at DePaul. Anyway, Happy New Quarter to all the students!

Last shift of the year. Quiet night. Someone came in looking for the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology.

Last Saturday of the year at the Reference Desk for me. It being intersession, it's pretty slow.

Advantage of living close to work: you can wake up at 11:25a and still make it to the Reference Desk at 12noon. Now hello, any students out there?

Heavy traffic at the Ref Desk this evening. Doing work on term papers is in full swing.

Student just came over, wanted to rent a pen for a dollar.