At the Ref Desk (10/6/18): (Question of the Day): "For how much time can I ask you questions?" I told him we were open till nine. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

They had some poetry reading upstairs. Why should this matter? Because the tray full of left-overs is coming down as we speak. Food! Food! Food!

Only one guy's come up so far -- and that was to tell us of his plans for a Riverboat Medical Marijuana project.

Working the DePaul Loop Reference Desk - My usual Monday abode.

Opps, didn't notice I was supposed to fill in for someone this evening at Reference. Someone called and I raced over.

Sloooooooowwww day.... (Is there some free beer party no one's told us about?)

Generation Gap: So a group of high school students came into the library, one with a video camera. They asked me a couple of questions, said 'thank you', and then extend their hands which I naturally shook -- until one said they usually 'bump fists'. I'm sorry, I'm just so out of it.

2nd to last day of finals, students kind of tuckered out. Slow evening.

Cart Before Horse -- so a student walks up to the Ref Desk and says his research paper is almost complete so now's the time to start looking for a few research articles and books to list in it.

Nearing the end of the term, it already looks like a busy day.

Um, no, you can't grab four chairs from the Student Computer Lab for the concert you're organizing a day from now in another part of the building.

Come back tomorrow and maybe we can talk...