At the Ref Desk (1/16/19): Today's funny: Got an IM from a student asking who to contact for an overdue book. I texted him the phone number for Access Services. Student replied back that he'd call once his class was over. Um, right. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Call me old-fashion but I remember when copiers used to do one thing well (rather than half a dozen things badly).

Now the emergency lights are going on and off -- at the same time as someone on the intercom is saying there's no need to evacuate the building. I think I've gone deaf.

Yuck, the latest deafening screech from the sound system: "Fire alert, evacuate the building immediately". Needless to say, everyone's heading out the door.

So they're testing the emergency response sound system in the Library. And yes, they've woken up the dead.

It's a Monday. The Library Website is working, praise the Lord!

Yuk, the library website was down for maybe half an hour. Scary.

I wasn't expecting this -- a student comes up to the Reference Desk saying he's having trouble printing out his 'pages' file (a mac format) on the PC's in the Lab. I tell him to save the thing out as a PDF on his Mac and then to try printing that out. He asks me, 'What's a PDF?'

First night at the Loop Campus for a while. Two of the librarians gave me a 'welcome back' present!

Oy! Got a ton of students. It's the beginning of the Fall Quarter. And naturally they all want to know if we have any of the textbooks they need for their classes (normally we don't). Plus I've got Chat Reference -- only the provider for Chat Reference is currently offline due to some technical difficulty. Fun, fun, fun!

Yes, the banging and hammering from the construction area to my left is driving me batty.