At the Ref Desk (10/6/18): (Question of the Day): "For how much time can I ask you questions?" I told him we were open till nine. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Phrase du Jour: Happy Researching!

12noon already and not one IM? WTF? [4 mins later: IM asking about library hours.]

OMG, someone going through our book catalog, asks me what 'print' means.

Spam du Jour: 'SOI Wafer' for a mere $150. 'SOI Wafer'? Can I smoke it? Does it come with peanut butter?

Spam du Jour: Email from I-don't-know-who with nothing but a link. Hmm, wonder what to do...

So what happens if the moon just gets stuck? Then what do we do? #SolarEclipse2017

Quick - look up the hours for today!!! (A popular question during the summer.)

Not one call this evening asking for hours!

Getting to the end of the quarter; quite a crowd.

Someone calls but when I pick up the phone all I get is background noise -- people talking, etc. Did he or she just sit on their smartphone and dial out accidentally? Interesting jumping off point for a work of fiction...