At the Ref Desk (12/13/18): Last shift of the year. See you in 2019! [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Came across a library/writing center web page that was advertising its hours for "Facebook Chat". Interesting.

It's 'Parents Day' here at the library so we have a lot of groups coming in and out. I notice that the guy who bought the coffee and cookies only got Pepperidge Farm Milano Double Chocolate. This lack of variety and fixation on only one type cookie is something I find troubling.

Just checked: the Drupal4Lib ListServ now has over 800 subscribers!

Best Chat Reference question ever: 'If your boyfriend's pissing you off, would you call him to talk?' Had they stayed online, I would've recommended the research guide under Sociology.

Land office business at the Ref Desk tonight. Students with assignments, just beginning projects, etc.

A student came over wanting to know how to find material for a paper she's writing on something she called 'civic engagement'. I showed her a couple of the databases, how to search for things and how to track down books and magazine articles. That was an hour ago. She just came back saying she had already found '10 sources'! Mission accomplished!

Yes, it's happened: somebody actually came up to the Reference Desk asking me to type something up for him! I told the guy -- he looked like he was in his 80s -- that unfortunately we do research not stenography.

Working on a LibGuide (i.e. help guide) on how to do citations.

Call me old-fashion but I remember when copiers used to do one thing well (rather than half a dozen things badly).