At the Ref Desk (10/6/18): (Question of the Day): "For how much time can I ask you questions?" I told him we were open till nine. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Saturday during Finals Week. Everything's due next Mon-Tues-Wed. It's still early -- calm before the storm. Let's see who's on IM (i.e. 'ChatReference').

Aiiiieeeee! It's Finals' Week at DePaul! Open 24 hrs/day till next week. (Though I'm only doing my normal hours.) And of course a lot of reference questions -- one after the other. A lot of the assignments have to do with coming up with "primary sources" for this, that, or the other thing. Up to now, I've had Tammany Hall and Christopher Columbus.

Call it a rite of passage: but they just put up my First Research guide: How to Cite!

Hoo baby! Whole lot of students doing papers, needing help with their research!

2 students come up saying they want 'scholarly articles' on management, personality and job performance -- but they tried and couldn't find any. I go in and use the same database and find 149. Weird.

If you know, you can feel my pain: "Advanced Segments are Visit based not Pageview based."

Wow, they still put out print editions of the Humanities Index and the Social Sciences Index!

Came across a library/writing center web page that was advertising its hours for "Facebook Chat". Interesting.

It's 'Parents Day' here at the library so we have a lot of groups coming in and out. I notice that the guy who bought the coffee and cookies only got Pepperidge Farm Milano Double Chocolate. This lack of variety and fixation on only one type cookie is something I find troubling.