At the Ref Desk (1/16/19): Today's funny: Got an IM from a student asking who to contact for an overdue book. I texted him the phone number for Access Services. Student replied back that he'd call once his class was over. Um, right. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Dear Students working in the Computer Lab from the day before: I dunno but I wouldn't leave copies of all my work spread out on the desktop of all these public terminals.

You know I must be bored when I start checking to see if the Subject Heading, "War on Terrorism, 2001-2009" has any other year range.

Got a call from a student wanting to research a topic in marketing. I coached her through finding the right database for her subject and only after we had found a number of promising articles did she mention that some of the pdf files were giving her problems -- using her screen-reader. I can imagine what a mess some of these pdf files are for someone with a screen-reader. I showed her how to look for other versions (i.e. text versions). Also, the Disability Office will convert the PDFs to MS Word which is a big help.

Midterms -- computer labs are full, plenty of students needing help finding articles. Subjects ranging from Biology to Original Sin.

Got my first 10 year old! Grandpa brought him in to do an assignment on Wyoming.

Used the NUC for maybe the first time this century. (Don't know what the 'NUC' is? Go to Library School!!!)

First evening at the Reference Desk this year! Slow night -- but intense!

Last shift of the year!

Went to the Computer Lab to tell everyone it was 10 to 6 and we were closing in 10 minutes -- only to be told it was 10 to 5. Opps.

Notice to the World: Yes, we're open today! Till Six! (Just got five calls asking this...)