At the Ref Desk (8/13/18): Complaints upstairs about someone playing the trumpet in one of the computer labs. Oy. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

(Temporary Summer Quarters): Well, they moved us up to the 2nd fl. while renovations take place over the Summer on the ground floor. Interesting vantage point being right next to the entry way. I feel like shaking everyone's hand as they walk in and escorting them downstairs to the front door when they leave.

Last evening of the school year (at least for me). Troubleshooting MS Word, bringing staplers back to life ...

Last Saturday of the Quarter (and hence of the school year). Could be hot and heavy!!! After that we're closed for a weekend and then it's temporary HQ on the 2nd fl. while the entire 1st fl. goes through extensive renovations. Gonna be an interesting summer.

Sticky label I'll be putting on my forehead: "Scanner This Way" (pointing to the PC Lab).

(After a week or so gallivanting around) Wow, one mega-research question after the other. Could we be approaching the end of the Quarter?

Slow night at ye olde Whyberry. Is everybody off to din-din?

'Where's your card catalog?' And Jimmy Carter is still president?

"Since the only available version of this book is online, could you print the thing out for me?"

Favorite question of the evening, "Where's the exit?"

Whole lotta 'look-ups' goin' on.