At the Ref Desk (5/22/18): Got an IM request explaining in great detail (several sentences in fact) what kind of article the person was looking for. Only thing missing -- the topic. Oh well... [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Judging by the clock on the wall, we all came in an hour early.

Thank God it's kind of slow right now in the A.M. -- Because I have to prepare a Research Consultation for a student coming in the P.M.

Loads of people today; all different kinds of questions.

Yippie! It's 'Have-You-Got-My-Textbook' Crazy Day!

Yea, I got my first 'Do you have my textbook' question for the new school year! (which btw doesn't begin for another week.)

Waiting eagerly for the 'Do you have my textbook?' season.

Sorry but the phrase 'Electronic Resources' ought to be outlawed (in polite society).

This month's favorite journal title: "Journal of Happiness Studies"

(Temporary Summer Quarters): Well, they moved us up to the 2nd fl. while renovations take place over the Summer on the ground floor. Interesting vantage point being right next to the entry way. I feel like shaking everyone's hand as they walk in and escorting them downstairs to the front door when they leave.

Last evening of the school year (at least for me). Troubleshooting MS Word, bringing staplers back to life ...