At the Ref Desk (8/13/18): Complaints upstairs about someone playing the trumpet in one of the computer labs. Oy. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Wow, is this place crowded! (8:30p)

Hmm, two people on IM, one student in front of me, and finally, a student calling in from out of state wanting to know what the weather in Chicago is like.

Student: "Where's 150?" Me: "Well, Rm. 115 is outside in the hallway." Since I wasn't sure that's what he meant, I ran out after him. Turns out he meant "150" -- as in call number. Should've known.

1st shift of the year! Waiting for the question: 'Do you have any research articles on 2018?' :-)

Last shift of the year!

Last Saturday of the year! (Library closed on the weekends till beginning of year.) What ever to do???

Lots of phone requests today. Wonder why... :-)

Getting down to the wire. Next week, finals...

Phrase du Jour: Happy Researching!

12noon already and not one IM? WTF? [4 mins later: IM asking about library hours.]