At the Ref Desk (3/24/18): In between quarters -- it's either 'do you have my textbook' (student) or 'can you put this on Reserve' (faculty). [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

Last Saturday of the year! (Library closed on the weekends till beginning of year.) What ever to do???

Lots of phone requests today. Wonder why... :-)

Getting down to the wire. Next week, finals...

Phrase du Jour: Happy Researching!

12noon already and not one IM? WTF? [4 mins later: IM asking about library hours.]

OMG, someone going through our book catalog, asks me what 'print' means.

Spam du Jour: 'SOI Wafer' for a mere $150. 'SOI Wafer'? Can I smoke it? Does it come with peanut butter?

Spam du Jour: Email from I-don't-know-who with nothing but a link. Hmm, wonder what to do...

So what happens if the moon just gets stuck? Then what do we do? #SolarEclipse2017

Quick - look up the hours for today!!! (A popular question during the summer.)