At the Ref Desk (5/12/20): We have entered the Age of Lookups. [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

We have entered the Age of Lookups.

Doing Chat Reference from home. Sounds like the neighbors are heating up their grill. Their kid is crying for some reason. Hoo, that smell from the grill !!! Yup, stuff like this never happens at that other (real?) RefDesk.

Log into library Chat Reference and have to wait a whole minute before someone asks a question! :-)

Log into library IM (instant message) and within 10 seconds, question pops up!

Student came over this evening and thanked us for all the help we gave him. Nice.

First shift of the (calendar) year!

My Message to the World: Happy Bird-day!

Finals week. Pretty crowded.

Everyone who watched the morning news has come over to ask if that was me on TV.

Today is International 'Can You Help Me With My Research Paper' Day.