At the Ref Desk (1/4/20): First shift of the (calendar) year! [more...]

At the Reference Desk

Brief musings while working at the Reference Desk

First shift of the (calendar) year!

My Message to the World: Happy Bird-day!

Finals week. Pretty crowded.

Everyone who watched the morning news has come over to ask if that was me on TV.

Today is International 'Can You Help Me With My Research Paper' Day.

1st research consultation of the school year! (Lasted over an hour).

How do I know it's close to the start of the school year? Student asks me: 'Where can I borrow the Norton Anthology of American Literature'?

Weird Request of the Week (WRW): patron needed help logging into a pc workstation with scanner. After I helped her log in she asked, 'can I fax from here?'

Finals Week: Students doing a ton of work. Hats off!

Question du Jour: When I send an email, should the email addresses be Ladies first?