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NYT Article: 'Libraries See Opening as Bookstores Close'

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 12/27/12 (10:36pm)

Okay article I guess but is this news to anyone who's been in a library in the past 10-15 years?

"As librarians across the nation struggle with the task of redefining their roles and responsibilities in a digital age, many public libraries are seeing an opportunity to fill the void created by the loss of traditional bookstores.... Today’s libraries are reinventing themselves as vibrant town squares, showcasing the latest best sellers, lending Kindles loaded with e-books, and offering grassroots technology training centers."

What, no mention of DVDs? In any case, the original incentive was not to replace these 'traditional' bookstores but rather not to be replaced by them.

P.S. The term 'traditional' is a bit ironic since the 'big box' model of bookstores was a manifestation of the 1990s. "Traditional" for me means the mom-and-pop shops which existed before and (happily) after the rise and fall of the monoliths.