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Xmarks Bites the Dust

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 9/28/10 (10:35am)

xmarks-v-105x122.png Xmarks, an online service for synchronizing bookmarks, announced that it's closing shop. It simply couldn't find a business model that would pay the bills. Along the way it tried a few things, some of which made me a bit wary. As Co-Founder and CTO Todd Agulnick put it:

One of the unseen benefits of the new system was that it enabled us to anonymize, extract, and aggregate bookmark data. So we dove into that and started looking at what products we might be able to deliver powered by the "corpus" of what would soon be 100 million bookmarks.

While Google does this all the time with my search queries, I wasn't too comfortable with the idea that the same could be done with my bookmarks. I switched over to Firefox Sync the first chance I got and never looked back.

UPDATE: Xmarks: Alive and Kicking