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"Queremos una biblioteca!"

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sun, 9/26/10 (1:36pm)

Article on the sit-in by parents of a school field house slated for demolition which they want to turn into a library (Chicago Tribune, 9/18/2010, p 4):

ChicagoTribune_logo.gifParents said the school's classroom libraries are too small and lack substantial book collections.

"Our kids are missing out," said parent George Merga. "They want to read books. They don't have a place they can come and sit down."

Along the outside of the building, signs read, "Mr. Huberman don't wreck our dreams," referring to CPS chief Ron Huberman, and "Repolish don't demolish." Parents shouted, "Queremos una biblioteca!" ("We want a library!") as school district officials milled around outside the playground fence.

UPDATE: Fascinating background piece in the Chicago Reader.