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Email Is The New Cloud Computing!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 9/23/10 (7:15pm)

cdl_logo.gif It's kind of ironic that email -- that ancient old fogy of electronic communication that's s'posed to go the way of the dinosaur at any moment -- just happens to be one of the most common examples of oh-so-cutting-edge 'Cloud Computing' that we've got.

That's what jumped out at me from a survey by the California Digital Library (CDL). The survey looked at mobile use by students and faculty and one of the findings was that people still use email and that quite a few use it to send stuff to themselves:

While email is traditionally considered a way to share information and files between different people, it has also become a way to transfer information and files between devices. As one interviewee noted, "If it's in an email, it's in my inbox, in my device. It’s automatically everywhere."

Now I've done this a gazillion times myself. I just never put it in the proper framework.