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Meanwhile in France: The Ségosphère & Disco Sarko

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sun, 1/14/07 (4:28am)

The tools of Web 2.0 are available not only to Americans but to anyone on the planet fortunate enough to have a computer and access to the Internet.

In France, a country with 3.6 million "bloggeurs", the "presidentielles" are coming up in April and all the online manifestations of a political campaign that we became familiar with here during our own election in November -- the websites, blogs and videos -- are popping up in France as well.

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Socialist candidate Ségolène Royal not only has a campaign blog,, but she's got a page on Blogspot, Ségo Blogs, telling people how to set up their own blogs in favor of her.

They've even got a videoclip of her greeting bloggers that ends with the stirring words, "Aux Claviers!":

Disco Sarko

Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy has a more boring web presence at (yuckie URL!) but some of his supporters made up for this by putting together the fun Flash site, Disco Sarko, which features the candidate dancing in various user-determined disco moves all to the beat of "Staying Alive" and "Shake Your Booty". Yes, even you can "fais groover Sarko sur le Dance Floor"!

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by Pierre Catalan on Sun, 1/14/07 (12:38pm)

But Sarkozy is groovy, didn't you know it?!

by Leo Klein on Sun, 1/14/07 (3:43pm)

Hi, Pierre, thanks for writing.

I don't know either candidate so it's hard to say who's the 'grooviest'.

The Flash movie is definitely groovy -- I know that!