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Happy 13th Birthday, WebDesign-L

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 4/2/10 (11:20am)

"Happy 13th Birthday, WebDesign-L" -- that's how "List Mom" Steven Champeon titled his post reminding us that the hallowed Listserv for web designers and web developers that originally started way back in 1997 is now celebrating its 13th Birthday.

As he remarks, "the Web was smaller and the field of Web design smaller still". Anyone with even a passing interest in web development was a member of that list. That's where the original arguments about design, usability, web techniques and web standards were waged. Our skills and knowledge have progressed infinitely since then but part of the learning process was helped immeasurably by the community created on that ListServ. The good news is, that it's still going strong today.