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Current Cites for March 2010

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 3/30/10 (3:15pm)

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Current Cites for March 2010 is out! You can find the issue here...

Unfortunately, Roy sent the thing out before noticing my review of the article, "Engineering the Web's Third Decade". It'll have to wait till next month's issue but here's a sneak-peek:

As we enter the Internet's 'Third Decade', it's only natural to speculate on what 'Web 3.0' will look like. One of the characteristics, at least judging by this article, will be a healthy dose of 'modesty'. Development will be "more evolutionary than revolutionary". We can expect a "more dynamic, pervasive, and perhaps even more human experience". The focus will be on semantic mark-up and how this can be used to bring together an unprecedented amount of data, fashioned specifically for the particular needs of the individual user. Probably more attention could have been paid in the article to the role of individuals not simply as consumers of content but as creators. That said, it presents an interesting portrait of the work and thinking behind the much anticipated 'third generation Web'.