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Ethics Letter from James Wright

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 1/10/07 (3:40pm)

Letter of noncompliance from James Wright, the Executive Inspector General of the State of Illinois

Part of it reads:

Our records for your online training activity indicated that you apparently spent only 8.45 minutes in reviewing the program's training materials prior to completing its review quiz. Contrary to instructions, you appear to have failed to carefully read and review the subject matter contained in the program's Introduction and three Lessons, and threfore you have not appropriately complied with the training as required by law. Your Certificate of Completion and record of complaince have therefore been invalidated.

You must complete the enclosed ethics traning program and return its Certification form (last page of the program), bearing your signature, to your Ethnics Officer no later than February 2, 2007. Your failure to complete this additional training on a timely basis, as well as any future failure to properly comply with this annual training requirement, will result in disciplinary action, up to including termination of state employment.

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