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Podcast: David Platt on 'Why Software Sucks'

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 1/9/07 (11:44pm)

"It just works", repeats author David Platt almost as a mantra in this Podcast from IT Conversations. That's what software is supposed to do.

Users aren't interested in what goes on behind the scenes. All they want to do is accomplish their goals with the least amount of hassle.

An obstacle to this is software that's afraid to make assumptions -- even when doing so saves time (i.e. is valid) for the vast majority of users.

"Don't let edge cases complicate the mainstream", Platt pleads.

While the Podcast could use some editing (it goes on for over an hour) and while Platt's apparent familiarity with Microsoft products seems to narrow his perspective at times, still the thing is worth listening to.