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Captcha of the Day

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 1/9/07 (7:40am)

Hoo Baby! I caught a live one! No less than 10 characters long that you have to input perfectly in order to create an account at!

Fear of the spambot creating too many accounts? Is that the problem? Not that I'm complaining -- this one's worth it. Hello, 'mhhh5h7D7J', nice to meet you! (Though naturally I blew it on the first try.)


by Dan Lester on Wed, 1/24/07 (3:24pm)

Yes, they're a pain, though perhaps less so than the 25 characters required on MS products, or 20 (I think) on Dreamweaver and others.

If it let you re-enter the same code, you're lucky. On a lot of these sites if you blow it, you get to try with a new code, ad infinitum.

And then there are the codes that are case sensitive.....

And, gee, your system bounced me the first time because my URL lacked the http://



by Leo Klein on Wed, 1/24/07 (7:13pm)

Thanks for the message! I can understand the 15 or so characters required for a SN -- they want to know if you really bought the software. All Myspace wants to know (I assume) is whether you're a human being or not. And shouldn't you be able to prove that with five characters or less, properly entered?