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Sometimes a Smart Phone is Just a Smart Phone

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 1/23/10 (2:51pm)

I think in the eagerness to embrace Smartphone technology, librarians need to develop a sense of proportion.

I mean, yes, of course someday everyone will have a smartphone but that hardly precludes owning any other device. In fact, by far the most likely scenario, at least for students, is that they'll come equipped with a smartphone in one hand and a laptop in the other. Indeed, this is practically the case nowadays.

The real challenge then is to figure out what makes most sense to offer on what device. Snappier and more immediate information is obviously appropriate for smaller devices and this alone opens up a whole world of possibilities.

But for 'hard core' research -- for research requiring the cutting and pasting of ideas -- for that people will continue to use larger devices and they'll do so because buckets make more sense than thimbles when you need to carry a gallon of water.