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Favorite WebDev App of the Week and Progress Report

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sun, 12/27/09 (12:47pm)

I'm at that stage in the redesign project where I've got to make sure the thing doesn't fall apart on IE6 & IE7. There's a pretty good discussion of the options here. I downloaded the wonderful IETester which allows me to run multiple versions of IE at the same time. It really is a Godsend since the alternatives are either too slow (online browser simulators) or not all that convenient (separate installs of each browser locally).

Anyway, looking at the results, I'm reminded of the comment by David Sawyer McFarland in CSS: The Missing Manual,

"Web page layout with CSS is more of an art than a science..." [p.304]

In any case, I'm close to closing the deal. I should be able to move the template to our production site by the beginning of next week.