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Tony Millionaire achieves 'Cult' Status

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 12/12/09 (1:32pm)

ArtTonyMillionaire.jpg Apparently cartoonist, Tony Millionaire has achieved 'cult' status. At least that's what Cory Doctorow says in his short-but-sweet review of Tony's new book, The Art of Tony Millionaire.

Tony is an old pal of mine from my Rome and Berlin days and I have to admit I'm kind of jealous of someone who earns this kind of praise from the author of Boing-Boing:

[Tony Millionaire] manages to turn out some of the weirdest and angriest comic strips in the business while simultaneously writing sweet and lovely children's books employing the same characters (some trick!).

"Weirdest and angriest"? How can anyone compete with that?