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Ugh, Dreamweaver Upgrade Borks my Site Settings, Gives Me Something to Be Thankful for

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 11/26/09 (11:05am)

Dreamweaver LogoThere must have been another copy of the site settings (from like say, 2005) that Dreamweaver grabbed when I upgraded from the admittedly ancient Dreamweaver 8 to a still shamefully retro CS3*.

There still were a number of sites in the "Manage sites" window which is why I didn't notice right away. Then when I started looking for anything I'd done in the past 2 years -- MPOW, a couple of other sites I'm working on -- denada. I had wiped them.

Thank God for TimeMachine. I was able to export the site settings from the deleted old version and then import them into the new version.

This Thankgiving I'm thankful for TimeMachine.

* And no jokes about the version -- I'm just waiting for CS5 like the rest of humanity.