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'Doritos Ramen Salad' - or What I learned from this week's Depaul Student Newspaper

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 10/24/09 (6:39pm)

Talk about potpourri, this week's DePaulia, the student newspaper of DePaul contains the following highlights:

  • Enrollment rises, quality falls
    "Students now have to learn rushing techniques just to get into the elevator and when they do many elevators are over crowded. Elevators are also going unmonitored and people are piling in, which could potentially be reaching the elevator's maximum weight requirement."
  • Your Mac doesn't make you cool
    "It must be admitted that this very text comes from a MacBook Pro. However, fellow Apple enthusiasts, enough with the name drop."
  • Use Your Noodles: Ramen for all occasions
    "Doritos Ramen Salad:
    Package of Ramen noodles (Preferably beef flavored)
    Bag of Doritos, or tortilla chips
    ½ - Pound Ground beef
    1 Cup shredded cheese
    Taco seasoning(optional)"