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Looking Good: 26 Sign-ups for our Chicagoland Drupal4Lib BoF on Friday (9/25, 2pm)!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 9/18/09 (9:38am)

Drupalicon Just got word that 26 people have already signed up for the Chicagoland Drupal4Lib BoF that we're having next Friday (9/25, 2p-4p) at the offices of the Metropolitan Library System (i.e. across the street from the Art Institute). This is great news.

I'll be doing something on publication workflows based (loosely) on 'Using Drupal' (chap. 6). If we have time, I can also talk about my adventures with data migration and import.

We're kind of reaching our limit but people can still register (for free) at:

See you next Friday!