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Current Cites for July 2009

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 7/29/09 (9:06am)

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Current Cites for July 2009 is out! You can find the issue here... [see below]

I wrote about an article in JAL called, "Managing Technology During Times of Economic Downturns: Challenges and Opportunities".

I was pretty wary about the word 'opportunities' in the title -- I mean, happy-talk is a chronic-condition in Libraryland -- but the author does make a valid point that if you have to cut at all, why not make it an opportunity to review sacred cows and "summon the courage" (I'm quoting here) "to suggest eliminating [them]".

UPDATE: Darn, I jumped the gun! Our glorious editor, Roy Tennant, hasn't put the thing out yet.

UPDATE: Okay, available.