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NSLS, PALS, DLS Drupal Library Group

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 6/15/09 (6:51pm)

Mick Jacobsen organized an informative and very well attended meeting on Drupal for Librarians at the Oak Park Public Library today. I was happy to see a few familiar faces from our Drupal BoF at DePaul earlier in the year.

Jenny Levine led off with a discussion of ALA Connect and what impressed me wasn't simply what they've been able to put together but their future plans for incorporating functionality.

Next Mick Jacobsen and Michael Buhmann from Skokie Public discussed Skokie Business Portal which at the time unfortunately was suffering from CSS indigestion.

Afterwards, Mick spent some time discussing Panels and we even managed to squeeze in a bit of time discussing Drupal in small groups.


by Doug Dawson on Mon, 6/15/09 (9:48pm)

You've had PLAspace as your "Website of the Month" for a while now. Can you talk a bit about how PLAspace differs from ALA Connect, and what so impresses you about the latter?

by Leo Klein on Tue, 6/16/09 (8:49am)

Hey, I've got to get a new 'Website of the Month'!

I think they got the basics right -- just like PLAspace. The scale is different from PLAspace, bigger of course. Also, I like how they'll be integrating things like Conference registration into the site.