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Using Drupal's Actions & Triggers (Workflow)

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 5/5/09 (8:08pm)

So my next project is to do a blog and notification system for four different departments or sections at MPOW.

Each section will have its own team of 'authors' and 'editors'. The authors will create the content and the editors will approve it for final publication. In addition to the approval process, I need to build into the system a calendering option so that time-sensitive posts can be published by date. The whole thing will be pushed out to our static HTML pages through some form of RSS-to-HTML-thru-Javascript doohickey.

Anyway, I'm finding Chapter 6 "Managing Publishing Workflow" from Using Drupal particularly helpful.

I've already got Actions and Triggers installed, Workflow too. Since the workflow depends on Content Types and Roles, I'm also looking into Rules.

It's funny, I'm usually so focused on CCK and Views as the 'signature' Drupal modules. I'm coming to see that Actions and Triggers have a prominent role to play as well.

UPDATE: Matt Petrowsky has a very useful video on Actions/Triggers v. Rules over at the site. His bottom line: Forget Triggers/Actions -- Rules rules!


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by Barbara Hewick on Tue, 5/5/09 (11:25pm)

Do let us know when you're done. I'd like to hear about your experience and how it compares to your expectations going in. You're solving several items on our wish list of things to get to some day, and I'll be curious as to your results.

Thx, and good luck!