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Microformat Extension for Firefox

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 12/25/06 (5:38am)

"I've seen the future of web browsing", writes John Allsopp with self-conscious hyperbole, "and it is Operator."

What's 'Operator'? It's a new extention to Firefox (yes, another one) that allows you to save pieces of information from a web page provided the information is correctly marked up using microformat tags.

You might want to save a phone number to your address book or an event to your calendar. So long as the information on the page has the proper mark-up, 'Operator' can do the job.

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For more info, go to the 'Introducing Operator' page. For those who want to get up to speed on Microformats, there' a great introduction by Alex Faabor:

The main Microformat page is