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NY Times: Traffic Up at Your Local Library

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sat, 3/14/09 (12:30pm)

It seems like only yesterday when libraries were reflecting on how they could survive in the face of stiff competition from bookstores and the like. What a difference an economic downturn makes (NY Times):

People are flocking to libraries after forsaking Barnes & Noble or ditching their HBO service and subscriptions to Netflix, library officials said, because libraries’ books, DVDs and CDs have a significant advantage: They are free.

Some people are showing up at libraries for the first time for free entertainment — movies, lectures, concerts and puppet shows, library officials said. Still others are capitalizing on their newspaper racks, books and free Internet service for job searches and investment advice or advice on a topic that the title of a much-thumbed book makes obvious: "Surviving a Layoff: A Week-by-Week Guide to Getting your Life Back Together."

'Puppet shows'?