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Ideas for Drupal4Lib IG Event at ALA in Chicago?

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 11/18/08 (1:31pm)

This is still a while off but I thought I'd put out an initial request before the holidays officially begin. It's a request for ideas and suggestions for the meeting of the LITA Drupal4Lib Interest Group at the 2009 ALA Conference in Chicago.

Feel free to leave comments either here or on the LITA Blog at:

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Last June, we had a pretty nice BoF with librarians discussing Drupal projects they were working on. We also had a round-robin Q&A with librarians new to Drupal who were thinking about maybe using the CMS but wanting more information.

Here's my write-up of the event: "Drupal4Lib BoF at ALA Anaheim"


So next year, happily enough, we'll be meeting in Chicago (my hometown) and I wanted to poll people to see what they thought.

A BoF is pretty nice but we could just as easily have a speaker or two, or investigate an interesting theme or topic.

Time-wise, I don't think we’d get more than an hour and a half -- two hours max. Fun things might include specific modules for library application, using Drupal in a library environment -- anything really.

So if you have any ideas or suggestions, if you'd like to speak or would like to see someone else speak, if there's a theme or topic you’d like to investigate, please leave a comment either here or on the LITA Blog at:

With just a little work, I'm sure we can arrange something that our fellow Drupal4Lib'ers would look forward to.

Thanks for any help,


(2008-09 Chair of the LITA Drupal4Lib IG)