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Drupal Camp Chicago: Wow!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 10/24/08 (3:57pm)

Hoo baby, they got a big crowd for the Drupal Camp Chicago. Easily over 100 attendees!

We had so many people at the Library BoF -- most of whom weren't librarians -- that I had to shift into "presentation" mode -- with a wonderful assist from PLA Webmaster Doug Dawson, Brian Smith from, a librarian from Brookfield Public and the owner of a development shop creating a website for one of the regional library organizations in Washington State.

If I missed anyone, please forgive me. We really could have gone on for another hour.

They were taping the session plus a couple of people had cameras so hopefully I'll have some photos or clips in a little bit.

In any case, hats off to Kyle and Matt and the rest of the crowd. What a great event.



by Brian Smith on Sat, 10/25/08 (9:39am)

Leo - Enjoyed meeting you and showing off our Drupal project during your session yesterday. The project's info page for our member libraries is at Looking forward to Camp today.

by Leo Klein on Sun, 10/26/08 (7:10pm)

Re: Leo - Enjoyed meeting you

Hi Brian,

Thanks for helping out -- if ever so briefly.

Alas, Saturday I had to work.

In any case, I was really impressed by your work and look forward to seeing you again!