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LITA Drupal Interest Group?

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 6/20/08 (10:02am)

A couple people from LITA have helpfully suggested that we set up a Drupal Interest Group (IG).

I think this is a great idea since, as I understand it, IG's get a slot at one of the officially sanctioned meeting rooms come convention time.

Aaron Dobbs, Mary Taylor and our friends at BIGWIG have been very supportive in allowing us to have our Drupal4Lib BoF in the Bloggers Room but by having the IG, we can do a couple of things more, including as I said, maybe getting a room of our own next time round.

In any case, all IG's have Chairs and Co-chairs. I'd be happy to offer myself up as the initial Chair. (The thing is open so basically anyone can throw their hat in the ring.) We'd also need someone(s) interested in being Co-Chair. Term is a year.

This is all something we can discuss at the BoF -- on Sunday, June 29 (3:30p-5p). All we need are 10 signatures to get the thing off the ground.

See the Info Page on LITA IGs...

P.S. for the BoF, I'm bringing this nice little projector so people can show off their sites and projects if they want.