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More Ugly Money from the U.S. Treasury

Submitted by Leo Klein on Sun, 4/6/08 (12:26am)


I really think the US Mint (coins) and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (dollar bills) have lost the art of designing money. The fine detail and overall sense of composition that used to distinguish our currency is now no more.

Case in point is the new $5 dollar bill with that big ugly purple '5'. It looks like they just got out a huge rubber stamp and banged away.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing praises this as "Safer, Smarter, More Secure". Apparently 'visually impressive' so it conveys -- who knows? -- the idea of actually being worth something is no longer a requirement.

Meanwhile someone has created a website called "Get Helvetica Off Our Money."


by Scot Colford on Sun, 4/6/08 (8:43am)

Hmm. Considering the fact that the big, purple, Helvetica numeral on the back of the new $5 bill is intended to help people with vision impairments keep from getting ripped off, I find your complaints rather glib.

What, is it just me?

by Leo Klein on Sun, 4/6/08 (9:31am)


Well, the notion that this is the only way to solve the problem is, shall we say, a bit narrow.

Actually I'd go further, it's a joke.

by RICHARD WOOD on Sat, 7/26/14 (10:13am)

I am ashamed to use currency since it has been re-designed by idiots with no imagination. You should have left it alone, and added the extra protections. Americans feel like we are spending monopoly money, but I think It looks just like cheap Japanese Invasion Currency from WWII. The end is coming. America is on it's way out.
The beautiful ornate U.S. paper money is no longer. This really lessens my PATRIOTIC view of America. Put Bill Gates on the 100 dollar bill, or one of the other billionaire assholes that own America, I'm moving to another country after 350 years.

by Leo Klein on Sun, 11/30/14 (7:40pm)

Why leave the U.S. when we can start a (design) revolution so that these critters finally print our greenbacks with taste?