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Formatting Catastrophe: 'UIC Announce'

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 4/2/08 (10:15am)

UIC Logo I mean, they're not even trying:



by Stephen Francoeur on Wed, 4/2/08 (8:29pm)

I'm intrigued by the idea of "Today+." I just never seem to get everything done in a single day, but if I could get a day+ I just might cram it all in.

by Leo Klein on Wed, 4/2/08 (9:46pm)

Well, the first one on the list that had a "Today+" also said:

"The total time will be no more than 75 minutes."

So as I understand it, it'll possibly be more than a day -- but no more than "75 minutes". Already an anomaly.

by Ashe on Tue, 4/22/08 (6:11pm)

Thank you, Mr. Klein, for noticing. I was afraid I was the only one. That said, the entire website seems a shining and glorious example of 1998.

I wonder who's in charge of this area of the website.

by Leo Klein on Wed, 4/23/08 (10:51am)

Re: Thank you, Mr. Klein...

Yeah, the thing really needs a complete overhaul.