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Screencast: Creating a Library Database Page with Drupal

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 2/19/08 (2:36pm)

-- Link to Full Version (800x600) here... --

In anticipation of my talk 'Drupal in Libraries' that I'll be giving to the Metropolitan Library System on Fri., 2/29 (1:30p-4:30p), I'm releasing the screencast "Creating a Library Database Page with Drupal".

The talk will be about Drupal in the context of Open Source Software and Content Management Systems as well of course as its application in a library environment. (more info and rsvp...)

The screencast goes over the points I'll be making in the second part of my talk.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

UPDATE: The slides and audio from my presentation are now available. You can access them by going here...


by Leo Klein on Tue, 7/8/08 (9:28am)

Thanks Sıcacık!

It was a job well worth doing!

by dingoshark on Tue, 12/30/08 (5:33am)

Awesome tutorial. Just what I needed to know!

by Jeff on Sat, 5/15/10 (7:40pm)

Leo, I would like to point out that you are pronouncing Drupal wrong. You can go to to check what I am saying. It is not drew-paul, it is drew-pull or droople. Sorry, I just find it REALLY annoying when someone pronounces words and names wrong.


by Leo Klein on Sat, 5/15/10 (10:56pm)

Guilty as charged. In my defense, although I had been working on 'Drupple' since the end of 2004, I had never met another human being face-to-face who actually pronounced the thing one way or the other. So the German in me -- or maybe the French -- thought to stress the final syllable.

The good news is, I plan on updating the video for D7 and part of the motivation is to remove this stain from my reputation.

by dbryn on Sat, 7/17/10 (11:19pm)

This is a very helpful video for thinking about taxonomy and views, even for Views2, gets you going in the right direction. I did not mind the pronunciation at all, actually I found it quite refreshing!

Thanks Leo!

by Leo Klein on Mon, 7/19/10 (9:06am)

You're welcome. As I said before, I really have to reserve some quality time to update that thing.

by yonael teklu on Tue, 8/17/10 (12:49pm)

I have gone through several tutorials and videos online and believe me your "creating a library database page" video was the best show-by-example tutorial on cck, views and taxonomy even now in D6 era. Best!

by Jade on Wed, 10/6/10 (10:10am)

and so was your response, Leo.

Also, great video.

by John on Thu, 8/25/11 (6:18am)

whats in an accent or pronunciation as long as the message is conveyed..
Great video Leo....
Jeff..Grow up !!!

by Ludwig Possie on Tue, 9/25/12 (11:52am)


Unfortunately it seems that your screencast is no longer available. Do you have a different link or another copy. I'd love to go over the tutorial again on how to setup the library database in Drupal. Thx.

Ludwig Possié

by Leo Klein on Thu, 9/27/12 (12:13am)

Hi Ludwig,

Darn! It must be somewhere. It looks like the server I originally had it on bit the dust.

I'll have a look. I must have a copy somewhere.