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Change of Hosts

Submitted by Leo Klein on Fri, 2/1/08 (10:13pm) It took me the whole weekend so I'm not quite sure why I forgot to mention it but I've got a new Host!

Yes, that's right, my vast online empire is now in the hands of Since time-immemorial I've been with but they didn't seem to be upgrading their hardware or software, their performance was sluggish, and support wasn't as good as it used to be. So over the weekend I made the switch.

The move was considerably less traumatic than I expected. What problems I had were in small details that I forgot (like configuring cron jobs, etc.). Converting the databases, re-doing all the email accounts, re-installing Drupal, etc. went by relatively smoothly.

I've got the "reseller" account and I'm pretty impressed with the range of options on offer. Most importantly, all the sites seem to perform quickly. All in all, I'm really happy with the move.

UPDATE: So I got the path wrong on one of the Cron Jobs I set and apparently an automatic email has been sent out every minute since last Wednesday.

How did I find out? I just downloaded 4,000 emails all saying the same thing.

Live and learn...