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Self-Publishing at $7 a Pop

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 12/14/06 (4:43pm)

We're so focused on Digital Libraries and other forms of online communication that we often overlook how profoundly the Web has changed the delivery of ordinary goods and services.

We've had self-publishing (sometimes called "vanity publishing") since the dawn of printing. But it's only recently that we could upload the information and within a certain amount of time, receive a finished work in the mail as good as from any publisher.

But here's the real significance, beyond the convenience, the technology has brought down the cost to where a B&W work might cost no more than $7 a copy and full-color works no more than $60!

Kevin Kelly goes over two online services, Lulu and Blurb, on his Blog 'Cool Tools'. If you've got a manuscript at the bottom of your desk drawer, now's the time to pull it out and get the thing into print! Read more here... (h/t xBlog)