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OneWebDay - Videotaping at UIC (Day 1)

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 9/19/07 (3:21pm)

First day of videotaping at UIC. Even the weather cooperated! See ya tomorrow (11a-2:30p)



by Susan Crawford on Wed, 9/19/07 (5:55pm)

this is just so totally great. Can't wait to see the tapes.

by Leo Klein on Wed, 9/19/07 (10:30pm)

Thanks. I find students (i.e. the majority of my interviews) are best able to talk about what they do on the 'Net and the role it plays in their lives.

I also have been asking them to imagine if the Web weren't there.

Anyway, I'll do another session and then put the bits and pieces together for the final clip.