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Somebody Please Tell Berwyn ...

Submitted by Leo Klein on Thu, 8/16/07 (4:42pm)

"Berwyn: At the center of life in Chicago" -- that's what the billboard says. The truth is, they're not at the "center" of life in Chicago. You'd have to dig the whole place up and move it 10 miles to the east -- and even then people might have doubts. More on this desperate campaign here...



by spudart on Mon, 10/1/07 (11:39pm)

This is abso-freakin hilariously ridiculous.

by Leo Klein on Tue, 10/2/07 (12:22am)

Well, I guess when they start claiming they're at the "center" of Manhattan as well, that's when we'll really have to start worrying.

These things were all around the city -- at least for a couple of weeks.