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My Gift to UMICH Libraries

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 5/1/07 (4:00pm)

I happened upon the University of Michigan Libraries Website today and the icons it uses for RSS Feeds made me wince:

I mean I'm not a purist or anything but you'd figure an institution with those kind of resources ought to be sporting something finer -- especially for a link to something that's increasingly as important as RSS.

So out of the generosity of my heart, I spent all of five minutes (or roughly 1 sec./pixel) to put together the following kickaZZ 24x12 icon to be shared by the entire University of Michigan community:

Yes, I know, generosity abounding.



by aaron on Wed, 3/12/08 (6:54pm)

that's my kind of obsession with design! nice work.

by Leo Klein on Thu, 3/13/08 (11:13am)

It was easy enough to do.

I got a polite "thank you" from the folks over a UMICH and that was the end of it.

Eventually they switched over to the "firefox" design.