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Wonderful World of Widgets

Submitted by Leo Klein on Mon, 12/4/06 (12:18am)

Sample Widget from

Widgets (also called 'badges') are like small windows of information about you and your institution that people can put on their own sites.

The information can be about anything: events, news, hours of operation -- anything that you can pull from a database and list on people's sites so long as they embed the pieces of your code in their HTML.

The Widget featured here (actually a screenshot) comes from a company called "ChipIn". It shows a realtime progress bar for a fundrasing campaign along with a link for site visitors to donate or "ChipIn!" themselves. Anyone can go to ChipIn and create one of these things. Up to $9,999 in contributions and there's no fee. Payments are handled through PayPal. (More on Widgetbox...)