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C&RL : The Missing Pages?

Submitted by Leo Klein on Wed, 4/4/07 (11:46am)

Anyone else notice this? I was in the midst of reading "The Evolution of the Academic Research Library During the 1960's" in the lastest issue of College & Research Libraries, when the article suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.

The words on the following page didn't make sense. Then I looked at the page numbers: '104' on the page I was reading and '121' on the new page.

Opps, looks like they let something slip.



by Dawn Mueller on Thu, 4/5/07 (2:27pm)


I have not heard from anyone else who's had a problem with C&RL missing pages. I am happy to send you a replacement. Please contact me at with your preferred address. Thanks!


by Leo Klein on Thu, 4/5/07 (3:10pm)

Well, I can't imagine why the printer would single me out for this distinction but, hey yeah, please send me a replacement!