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Hey, That's Me in That Rock Video from the 1980s!

Submitted by Leo Klein on Tue, 9/15/20 (12:06am)

I probably knew about this at the time (1987) and just plain forgot but yes, that’s me on the left. It's a brief appearance in the 'official music video' by well-known rock band 'Faith No More' in their tune, Anne's Song. I happened to know Anne and hung out with her and a whole bunch of other very interesting people during my one-year stay in NYC*.

Here's some background info from the FaithNoMore website: Faith No More released their second single Anne's Song 30 Years Ago!.

Here’s the YouTube video: "Faith No More - Anne's Song (Official Music Video)". (I appear at around 1:50.)
* For the record, I returned to Berlin at the end of the year, staying there till Reunification in 1990 -- at which point, I returned to Manhattan for more than a decade.



by Stephen Francoeur on Tue, 9/15/20 (12:53pm)

And now I've run off to watch that uber-80s video, "We Care a Lot."

by Leo Klein on Wed, 9/16/20 (9:23pm)

Funny thing is, I was just watching the thing ('Anne's Song') and then in the middle, who shows up -- but me! Again, it's probably something I was aware of in '87 but certainly a surprise in 2020!

by Leo Klein on Wed, 9/16/20 (9:29pm)

And, oh yeah, 'We Care a Lot' was also awesome. They were a great group.